1. The hostel accommodation contract (rental contract) between the service recipient (guest/orderer/organizer) and the hostel is legally valid as soon as the bed or room has been confirmed in writing (fax, email, post) by the hostel and the service recipient has confirmed it in writing (fax, email, post). ) has been confirmed or, if a written commitment was no longer possible due to time constraints, has been provided by the hostel. The conclusion of the hostel accommodation contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfill the contract. The content of the contract also comes into effect if service recipients have checked in without prior booking.
  2. The hostel prices and other service prices are based on the price list valid at the time the service is provided or on individual written agreements. All prices are in euros and include VAT. Changes in value added tax are in favor of or at the expense of the service recipient, regardless of the time the contract is concluded. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the provision of services exceeds 4 months, the hostel reserves the right to make price changes without prior notice.
  3. If no other agreements have been made regarding the payment of hostel services, a deposit of 100% of the expected invoice amount must be paid for group bookings (from 10 people). Payment must be received in the account stated on the invoice no later than 10 days before the arrival date. If payment is not made on time, the hostel is no longer obliged to perform; however, it retains its claim to performance against the customer/organiser in accordance with Section 5 of the General Terms and Conditions. If the rental begins within 14 days of registration, the total amount is due immediately. Other payment arrangements are only valid after written confirmation by the hostel. For bookings of less than 10 people, the overnight price is due immediately upon check-in for the full length of stay.
  4. Reserved beds/rooms are available to the guest from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 12 p.m. on the day of departure. The service recipient does not acquire the right to be provided with specific beds or rooms. If the booking agreed in writing is not available, for whatever reason, the hostel is obliged to provide an equivalent replacement within the hotel, as far as this is reasonable.
  5. The service recipient can only make changes or cancellations (cancellation) of reserved beds/rooms in writing. Unless other individual agreements have been made, the hostel can assert its claim for performance in a specific amount: 

    i. Cancellation of the booking is free of charge for persons/groups of less than 10 people up to 3 days before arrival.


    ii. The cancellation period increases to 4 weeks for people/groups of more than 10 people.


    For cancellations made after this period, we charge one night. This also applies to early departure. The inbox at the hostel is decisive for calculating the deadline. The hostel endeavors to allocate unused beds/rooms to other people if possible in order to avoid cancellations. The service recipient is free to prove a lower failure. The content of this paragraph does not apply if a booked rate provides for other conditions.

  6. If the organiser/orderer is a political party or association, or if an organizer advertises or invites to events with the name of the hostel through newspaper advertisements, an effective contract is concluded provided that there is written consent from the management. If it turns out that the event concluded with the customer/organiser or advertised by him threatens to endanger the smooth business operations, security, reputation or essential interests of the hostel, the hostel can withdraw from the contract. This applies in particular if the hostel was not sufficiently informed by the organiser/orderer of the true purpose of the event when the contract was concluded. In this case, the hostel retains the right to performance according to clause 5.
  7. If the customer is not a guest at the same time, both are jointly and severally liable. If the customer does not properly prove his power of representation and the organizer refuses his approval, the customer shall be liable for performance or damages in accordance with statutory provisions.
  8. Credit cards are only accepted for the payment of amounts that are neither subject to a commission claim nor special discounted prices.
  9. The organiser/orderer is liable to the hostel for the payment of any additional food, drinks and other services ordered by the event participants. The service recipient must obtain any official permits required for an event in good time at his own expense. He is responsible for compliance with all public law obligations, in particular the direct payment of duties, entertainment tax, GEMA fee, etc. to the respective creditor.
  10. Attaching decorative material or objects is not permitted without the consent of the hostel. The organiser/orderer/guest is liable for damage to the facility or inventory caused during the stay without proof of fault. The amount of liability is calculated depending on the damage/damage as well as failure to re-let the property, but at least 100 euros.
  11. The hostel accepts no liability for items left behind. No liability is assumed for the loss or damage of objects or exhibits brought in by third parties. The hostel is only liable in the event of intentional or grossly negligent fault on the part of the hostel or its vicarious agents. Liability is – apart from §701 ff BGB – limited to the amount of the agreed rental price or to the maximum amounts prescribed by law. The limitation period for all claims of the service recipient/damaged party is 6 months from the end of the contract. Insofar as the guest is provided with a car parking space, even for a fee, this does not result in a safekeeping contract. There is no monitoring obligation of the hostel; there is no liability.
  12. Malfunctions in the technical equipment provided will be rectified immediately – as far as possible. Any withholding or reduction of payments in this regard is not permitted.
  13. Bringing along food, drinks and animals requires the express consent of the hostel.
  14. We reserve the right to correct obvious mistakes as well as printing and calculation errors.
  15. Verbal ancillary agreements are not made. Individual changes and additions are permitted by express agreement, but must be in writing to be effective.
  16. The place of fulfillment is the headquarters of the hostel. Stuttgart, as the registered office of the company, is expressly agreed as the place of jurisdiction.
  17. All sightseeing trips and excursions are suggestions that must be carried out with your own means of transport and are also not covered by insurance.
  18. Smoking is according to § 7 Abs.1 Sentence 1 non-smoker protection law in the entire house strictly forbidden. If a guest smokes despite the ban, the accommodation contract is canceled and he has to leave the hostel immediately. In this case, there is no right to reimbursement.
  19. The use by the service recipient of rooms, beds or other items that have not been booked by the service recipient is strictly prohibited without the consent of the hostel. The hostel reserves the right to charge appropriate fees as compensation for any financial damage caused as a result, the amount of which depends on the current prices.
  20. The invalidity of individual provisions of the hostel accommodation contract or these general terms and conditions does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract. The statutory provisions that come as close as possible to the invalid provisions shall take the place of the invalid provisions.